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Sam centric series where Sam and Jack survive Lucifer. Those three plus Cas and Dean are the main focus in all the different parts. (I start everything and then finish it out of order, fair warning.)

There's a cycle of time travel and reincarnation and memory loss and the SPN folks getting stuck in AUs before the main plot point ties it all together.

For people only here for SPN, Part 1, Part 3, and Part 4 are self-contained in SPN's universe alone. Similarly, half of the Stranger Things arc is self-contained, as is the ending for the whole thing.

Part 2's main cast is the main characters plus Will, Eleven, Max, Lukas, Mike, Dustin, Steve, Nancy, Jonathan, Joyce, Hopper, and Billy, although I'm mainly focusing on Will, Max, and Eleven for POV. Otherwise, Rowena, Kelly, Gabriel, Meg, Bobby, Jess, Nick, Jody, Donna, and Billie get the most secondary focus throughout the arcs along with Lilith, Azazel, and Abaddon.


TLDR: Part 1, 3, and 4 can be read together without cross-referencing outside of SPN. Part 2 and 5 can be read individually along with any AUs, all you need to know is Jack is Sam's biological son and Lucifer is a stalker, although some non-canon stuff from Part 1 might be confusing, so I'll post a spoiler section with the need-to-know stuff going in. The end explains what is relevant from all the other parts, so you don't have to read any other AUs to know what is going on, although Part 2 leads directly into it.

Guide to each part since this is going to get complicated and figuring out how to post this is ridiculously hard:

1. ALPAS: My general Sam/Lucifer fic, has the main story of Sam's survival and the ending that's Supernatural exclusive for people who want a contained arc without any crossover elements. There's some fluff and recovery that occurs before all the other arcs, but past the chapter Poor Isaac, there's a time skip where the definitive ending of this whole fic happens without spoiling context, and everything takes place post the ending of the entire series, but it only focuses on the Supernatural centric stuff with fluff and recovery there.

2. Stranger and Stranger: Primarily an SPN Stranger Things crossover, but midway through introduces a multiverse where a ton of other crossovers come in that I can't explain because spoilers. The ending of this fic has the definitive showdown where all the crossover elements are used together pre-Poor Isaac's events, and then is followed by Stranger Things and SPN centric fluff and recovery that occurs at the same time as the ending SPN fluff and recovery in Part 1. I wanted to keep certain elements separate so people reading for the primary crossovers get more content, and also not to stretch myself thin because there's a lot of characters and most of the crossover elements are plot driven and only tied together by about 8 characters.

3. Burn Your Fun is a semi self-contained, concurrent time travel SPN fic you can read separately even without ALPAS context. It leads into Begin Again.

4. Begin Again: A SPN fic focusing on Sam, Lucifer, Jack, Nick, and Jess, takes place in a time loop occurring at the same time as parts 1 and 2. The parts where the time loop converges in each section will probably be the same chapter from different perspectives in each fic so people know where they overlap. Basically a "bad" ending that gets retconned but still has a butterfly effect in other sections.

Every section past this point is a crossover with SPN and each other thanks to stuff that happens in the Stranger Things arc. Every crossover is self-contained in a time-loop or is just a change of setting to change the mechanics of the story and to merge them together, and each separate time/dimension loop is gonna be a separate series.

The other SPN characters become subgroups in different places. Rowena, Gabriel, Meg, Bobby, Jess, Nick, Jody, Donna, Kelly, Billie, Claire, Max, Eileen, and Balthazar get secondary focus in all the sequences. Kevin, Mia, Charlie, Mary, Crowley, Jo, Ellen, Ash, Alicia, Adam, Alex, Lily, Garth, John, Amy, Mrs. Tran, Ramiel, Brady, Cain, Ruby, Ava, Jake, and Alastair are more tertiary elements along with random one-shot AUs where the main cast deals with main characters in other dimensions. Magda, Sully, Owen, Priscilla, Marin, and Jacob kinda get absorbed into Jack centric stuff along with the Stranger Things cast but are used sparingly due to the amount of stuff I gotta make up for them.

5. Pompeii: An SPN crossover where all the previous time loops and dimensions and individual crossover AU plot elements get combined together for the big showdown and for the four main plots, which tie together the tension between Lucifer's plans, Michael's plans, Raphael's plans, the Leviathans, Pagan/Other Gods, and Heaven + Hell's plans. They primarily utilize Stranger Things, Alien, Constantine, Resident Evil, WTNV, Good Omens, OFF, Cabin In the Woods, and Pokemon stuff to tie the different arcs into each other, although Portal, DC, Marvel, Castlevania, X-Men, Metroid, IT, Dark Tower, Hannibal, Venom, etc. will have some influence. Other main characters of their franchises are around but the main plot is still centered on Sam, Jack, Lucifer, Cas, Dean, Will, Max, and Eleven overall.

6. TUA Stranger Things SPN crossover concludes everything past a certain point, but each arc does it's own thing and will have its own ending for ppl not into crossovers. Pompeii is still the "end" of the arcs, though.

Every other AU is it's own self contained mini-arc occurring before the events in Pompeii in specific crossovers where Sam, Jack, Max, Eleven, Will, Lucifer, Cas, Dean get the most screentime interacting with other worlds for plot reasons, although that's technically another series to keep the chronology in some kind of semblance of order/relevance.


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