Work Search: Any Field

Searches all the fields associated with a work in the database, including summary, notes and tags, but not the full work text.

The characters ":" and "@" have special meanings. Leave them out of your search or you will get unexpected results. Like in the Title and Author/Artist field, you can use the following operators to combine your search terms:

*: any characters
book* will find book and books and booking.
space: a space acts like AND
Harry Potter will find Harry Potter and Harry James Potter but not Harry.
||: OR (not exclusive)
Harry || Potter will find Harry, Harry Potter, and Potter.
"": words in exact sequence
"Harry Lockhart" will find Harry Lockhart but not Harry Potter/Gilderoy Lockhart.
-: NOT
Harry -Lockhart will find Harry Potter but not Harry Lockhart or Gilderoy Lockhart/Harry Potter.
"Fandom X" "F/F" -Explicit
will return all works from Fandom X tagged as F/F, and exclude those tagged Explicit
"Character A" OR "Character B" -"Character Death"
will return all works including Character A or Character B (or both), and no works tagged with "Character Death" in either the Warnings or the Additional tags
"Character A/Character B" Underage Mature OR Explicit
will return all works for this pairing that include an Underage warning and are either rated Mature or Explicit