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  1. Loved it. I really think it needs a second chapter where Cady and Vic have had time to craft a plan to rid them both of the asinine behavior. The plan involves them restoring Henry's bar by themselves. They have to depend on each other to get it done. They have to live there as well (Henry figures the work will take a week) - Henry isn't allowed to cook for them or help them. Cady and Vic check in each evening and if progress isn't made they add a day. If Walt and Jacob want their women and their lives back they have to become a team.

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      This is so funny that you said this!! As I was finishing this little bit, I was thinking that CLEARLY it needs a follow up. Have some closure to the fight and Henry's poor bar!:(
      Your ideas are brilliant, I thank you for the advice, and am planning on incorporating it into the follow up chapter:)
      I'm happy you enjoyed it, this one was a lot of fun to write:)

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