Comment on Freedom Where You Find It

  1. I didn't know what the hell Empire was when I read this (had to Google it) and still don't understand very much, but I liked the world, such as it was. Of course I was missing out on a few things, but still. The idea of unrequited love, for that long, and for someone like Xanna kept me interested, as well as the fact that the characters involved were 'bad guys', which was great. I would've liked more detail about Endymion and a few things, but I also liked the swift pace; not very many can pull that off. I did have a question about the timeline, though. 11 years before the Imperium, Xanna got a hit of the Eucharist (which I also had to look up; not a great Christian, apparently), but in the next scene, set nine years before the Imperium, Eucharist hadn't yet been invented. Que? ;) Not that this could detract from the rest; by the time it'd gotten to where Grieze's feelings are are possibly dwindling, I'd forgotten about it. I didn't think it would end as it had, but I'm glad it did, especially with Xanna's intial line. Well done.
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