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  1. Why do I suspect that despite the fact it gives the Master at least the beginnings of a not-evil ethical framework the Doctor will not be happy about this alliance when he's back on his feet?

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    1. My dear sir and/or madam, could you possibly be suggesting that the Doctor doesn't like sharing their possessions?!?!?! [This Doctor is nonbinary.] Perish the thought! The Doctor is good, noble, virtuous, compassionate, and not at all in any way like that personification of evil known as the Master! The effrontery of such a comment! The...the...temerity!

      Good day, my dear sir and/or madam. I SAID GOOD DAY. :p

      [Just in case my intent is misconstrued, the foregoing is all sarcasm. I'm just happy that someone other than my biggest enabler...I mean commenting. :D ]

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      1. Oh, drat, I like the they pronoun non-binary choice is this 'verse a lot, and usually use they when talking about the Master in a way that encompasses all their canon incarnations, I was just on autopilot.

        I will try to keep the comments coming. I confess part of my excitement is I have a long running RP version of the Master who made much the same ethical leap in a divergent version of the Time War. 1)The Doctor *wants* to believe he's a good person. He's very good at inflicting destruction and justifying it as the greater good, but when does do such things he spirals down into anger and self-loathing to the point self-destructiveness. The Master prefers the Doctor alive and not-broken. 2) Having accepted the Doctor is happiest when he's helping people, enabling his ability to do that is the logical choice and also 3) The Doctor is *his*, damn it. And the Doctor seems to regard the universe in general as his, just more focused on protection and guidance than strong handed rule. If the Doctor is his, and the universe is the Doctor's, by transitive properties the universe is also his. And if he prefers the Doctor healthy and whole and that requires careful consideration and some amount of empathy on his part...maybe he should look at the universe in a similar light?

        HIs Doctor was also confused, emotionally inconsistent, and jealous at first when the Master started paying positive attention to *other people*. This did not compute.

        But, also, I really like your development of Alison.

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        1. Allo there. Comments or no comments, I am always gratified that someone is reading something I write.

          Re the Doctor's ostensible goodness -- I see the Doctor's sense of morality and the Master's as similar moralities of utility -- the ends justify the means. It's really just the ends that differ. Super-powered aliens in general seem to have questionable morals, I've noticed.

          Ah, so I'm not the only person wondering about alternative Masters... I think that the only way such a selfish person as the Master would develop any sense of empathy would be a) if he truly suffered consequences for his actions and/or b) someone fucked with someone that he considered his. Not unproblematic or particularly healthy, but a possibility.

          I like Alison too, primarily because, despite her weird situation, she combines confidence and worry in a very recognizable way. Her frame of reference just happens to involve sentient trees and evil alien super-powered robots. I strive to write according to the primary principle of NO ONE FUCKS WITH ALISON. She has experienced so much victimization already that she unfortunately needs a while to deal with the aftermath before she can get to the long-anticipated part of having some stability and enjoyment in her life. My mind has already skipped ahead to this point because it's a lot more fun to think about than Premium HD Angst [TM].

          Yeah, the Doctor is going to have a serious problem with Alison because...well... Alison was supposed to be THEIR companion, THEIR responsibility, THEIR friend, but then, for some unknown reason, she defected to the side of the evil super-powered robot, and she appears to be deluding herself with the notion that he can be something OTHER than a sadistic asshole. Even more perturbing is the fact that he actually seems to be LESS of a sadistic asshole. Clearly he is UP TO SOMETHING. >_>

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