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  1. Actually not yet

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    1. Ugh, still.... XD now I am breaking cold sweat, LOLs...

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      1. Relax! This is definitely a great story, you have done very well so far, and lots of people seem to like it to! This adventure is just beginning, a writer sharpens his skills everyday.
        You've got what it takes.
        Ugh, sounds patronising, sorry. Forgive and old bookworm.

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        1. Ah thank you, I need all the input/comment/criticism to mold this story into a masterpiece, so if you want to say a thing or two I can improve, please do.
          It took so long for me to update this story because - truthfully, I have 2 unfinished stories that I 'tried' to update as regularly (in FF net)
          I just hope everyone will be patient enough, I am aiming for end of this week.

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          1. All great things to those who wait!
            Take your time, and I think that, should you wish to improve yourself, only time,experience and books are to be consulted ,keep trying until you are satisfied .
            It must be difficult to write the way you do (technology is a strange for older people, you know ).
            We'll all wait patiently.
            Thanks for your kindness and for having sharing your work with us all.
            Keep calm and carry on

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