Comment on anyone who's ever had a brother

  1. Oooh, link please? I'd LOVE to read it. I play both Templar-friendly and Mage-friendly runs (although I always hate to kill Anders and almost never do that) And I'd love to read ANY more of your fic, DA-related or not.

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      I've posted the Circle Mage!Loki story on AO3 right here. :) Thank you for being so lovely and encouraging! I really appreciate it. :)

      I am totally with you on not killing Anders! My favourite healer!

      I applaud your strength in doing a Templar-friendly run! I want to, but I suspect when it comes down to it, I will just go pro-Mage as I did in my first run. My Warrior!Hawke was meant to be a Templar-friendly run, though. (I would selfishly save Bethany)

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