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  1. I agree that OC's don't get enough credit. I admit, though... OC's can throw me off if they're not well-inducted, but I always give them a chance.

    Creating an original character is difficult as it's all narrowed down to the reader thinking, "I don't know anything about this character, so make me care about him/her." After all, we don't have the same attachments to OC's as we do to the canon characters. In "Mass Effect," we've had 3 games to get to know them (at least the original SR-1 crew.) Hell, the main author behind the franchise has even published canon comics about some of those characters (take Vega for example, who was first introduced in the third game but still had people love his character.)

    Thank you for your much-needed response!

    It's going to be a bumpy ride, but hopefully, I'll have you guys smiling by the end.
    Glad to have you with me so far, Estalfaed :)

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