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  1. I like shorter chapter updates more frequently:) that way I won't forgot so easily what happened in the last chapter XD but update at your own pace as you like:D it's your work after all

    Yuuri is a chicken XD oh my sweet love your anxiety makes you stress too much... hey if your not ready to reveal yourself just yet then you can always have a little fun with your shirt on? Hmm... you might get a little too excited though... hmmm

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    1. Meow~

      SLR but OMG But I know right! Sometimes I feel super excited to find out that a fic I like has finally updated after ages of waiting, only to realize that I have trouble remembering what happened last time. That's why I'm trying to separate the events in my chapters to make them able to stand on their own, ish.

      Haha, I think he's too scared that Viktor will get too frisky, and then ask, "Yuuri, why are you still so cold?" or similar questions.

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