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  1. Gah! I had a beautiful comment and it didnt send properly.

    So lets try this agian.
    Thank you for this. I started Zoloft a few weeks ago and the changes it has made in my life are incredible.
    This story helps me escape and provides me with some level of therapy.
    I loved:
    1- T and R's honesty with one another. It drives me INSANE when couples in fiction stories aren't honest, even if sometimes that is more "real." This, however, feels real and honest and I LOVE IT.
    2- I love the flow of the story. I'd love a oneshot at some point of T and R being all "touristy" but I love that it wasn't described in the story- it may have slowed things down a bit too much.
    3 - I can totally imagine that post anxiety attack band meeting.
    So glad to see updates again!

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    1. I'm glad this story helps you in some way. :)

      I think I can definitely manage a side story where Taylor and Ruby play tourist - I have a series I'm posting alongside TSOL that holds all the fics that are set in this 'verse but don't fit into the series. I'll see what I can do about writing that fic. ^__^

      - Aeryn

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