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  1. I finished this fic two days ago, but didn't comment yet. You are one of my favorite people on the internet. No, seriously. I follow you on tumblr as well, and I am so glad I do. There are certain stories that make me feel more comfortable existing (being a trans kid myself) and not only is this one of them but hearing you talk about your family on tumblr is as well. You're an adult, a real, bona fide, children-having adult, and you understand trans people, you like us, you support your trans kid. You write about trans kids. I feel for Theo. He's in the situation of both my worst nightmares and my wildest dreams. And before this? The earlier parts of the series? Bitty and his parents dear sweet and holy thank you for them. Thank you so much. I think I'm going to reread this, all the parts. It deserves it, you deserve it, and tbh I deserve to read it again.

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    1. A slightly unreal girl on a wall

      <3 So much love to you. It was an itch to explain how loving parents might end up confusing a gay kid about their level of support that started this series, but to be honest it was people talking about how much they needed a family like this as an example that kept me writing. You deserve absolutely to have safety and love and a supportive family and community and the only way i know that we get that for as many people as possible is by providing positive examples.

      I see so many kids who don't get the support they need, and at the same time I straddle these worlds, having come out myself, having a supportive-but-not-perfect family, and having nonbinary kids, at least one of whom is bi. And because of that I talk to a lot of parents who are supportive of their kids, and I talk to a lot of parents who start out not understanding and end up throwing themselves into loving their kids with their whole hearts.

      While the idea of a trans teen being picked up off the streets by a millionaire famous couple might seem wishful thinking, on a more practical level, this thing that Bitty and Jack are doing (minus the pregnancy) is something I've done. Am doing. And when I talk about it with other parents, they say, "Let me know if you know anyone in my area who needs help"... it's very, very possible, and I'm working on a big idea about how to create better safety nets for kids with family-of-origin alienation, and a lot of it springs directly out of these stories.

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