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  1. I'm back to tell you more about how I love this fic! This is everything I ever wanted when I requested this fandom and every line is hilarious and precious. Some of my favorite things are:

    Awesome giraffe-horse hybrid! I want one of these now lol.

    "Fear me!" he cried, "for I am Onfim! I am a mighty warrior, just like my dad!" This is so sweet .

    "Gonna be a mighty warrior," muttered Onfim. But secretly he wasn't, of course. When the tutor wasn't looking he turned the bark back over and gave himself four legs, like a proper wild beast. Awww pouty Onfim.

    They tend to be pretty stupid, other people. So he wrote 'I am a wild beast' over it, just so they would definitely get the message. Very helpful!

    Onfim's friendship/rivalry with Danilo is charming and perfectly in character with a young child.

    I love Onfim's thoughts about his family situation and I liked Onfim drawing a pretty girl and then getting embarrassed and his feeling guilty about misbehaving and yelling at the cook. Perfect child voice with a hint of teenage hormones.

    HIs dreams of what his future would look like are hysterical.

    This is wonderful and I'm so happy you wrote this for me. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays and Happy Yuletide!

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