Comment on Metropolis, My Love

  1. OMG. That was [This word has been deleted] awesome!

    I gotta admit: I had no idea that an interpretation of this song could be so funny. I also had no idea I'd ever honestly be amused (and not in a point-and-laugh kind of way) at a story with so many errors. The poor protagonist who thinks Metropolis is the promised land, when his only trouble back home is that the technology is ancient and he lives a life where being able to move 2 miles an hour is fast.

    I especially laughed at the new portmanteaus, particularly the ones that were entirely non-Latinate, and most particularly at the Protag's snide commentary on the city names. Latinphraspeakonlyobscuropolis, indeed.

    Great job also working in the album title and some of the song lyrics. I adore pretty much the whole album and I think Shriekback uses a lot of really vivid phrasings in their lyrics, but sometimes the choices are just flat out weird ("It's a large potato thing"; "I'll be your thunder monkey"?), such as the album title, and seeing that weirdness both poked at and played straight is right to my taste.

    Thaank you for the treaat!

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