Comment on Through the Looking-Glass, and What Arthur Found There

  1. Rusty Bunny

    That trot through the dark forest was wild. Amusing creatures combined with near constant disembodied noises and the threat of the Jabberwock and Merlin leaving Arthur high and dry made for a very agitating adventure. It was actually a relief to run into Kilgarrah and get some not so straight answers. Arthur's cat's appearance made me look at the white kitten in a new light, too, so I'm glad to find she's actually equipped to survive this strange place.

    Now the two have become four and I think they have a fighting chance at getting the Jabberwock's head and Arthur becoming King. After hearing Merlin's story of the missing prince, I think Arthur's finally back where he belongs (even though he'd deny anyone belongs in this upside down land).

    The image of those sheep knitting every day items from their own wool is going to stick with me. It's pretty wonderful.

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    1. Busy Busy Writing Writing by snowgrouse

      Thanks! The sheep were a lot of fun.

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