Comment on After Frost

  1. I found this fic awhile ago and finally got around to commenting. Sweet, Touya has some of his abilites back. At least I'm assuming it's because of the link that he has with Yukito and Yue that's allowing some of it to flow back to him. Either way, I'm sure Eriol suspects something as well, otherwise he wouldn't have sent them a missive of sorts. Sakura and Touya never did actually talk about him giving up his powers, it was pretty much an unspoken subject for them during the second half of the manga. Since both of them knew it and didn't have the opportunity to bring it up without it seeming too sudden or out of place in any of the scenes that were left. Anyway, I love Touya/Yukio + Touya/Yue fics. So yeah, I was really impressed with how you wrote them in the other parts of this fic. This part too, mind you. The entire story was very well written.

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