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  1. Oooo!! I'm so excited!! No matter what it is, I'm sure it's gonna be great!! X33

    Yeah. It's kinda like making an AU like Dancetale or Outertale where there's not much story going on. That was my struggle after making Undersong and a comic I made. There's just not much NEW story. So when I made an AU "Undertruth" where everybody's personalities are the exact opposite in the game (i.e. Sans is hardworking and is the captain of the Royal Guard and is very strict and Asgore is this corrupt king who only wants power, wealth and victory), I was so happy to create a story out of it. That I can craft something.

    I also have this sad AU called "Erase ONE" where it's a multiverse within the Undertale multiverse where, in each universe, one character doesn't exist. It's pretty depressing if ya ask me XDDD


    Yeh. That's what I'm nervous about making a Patreon, too XP

    NEW CHAP?!?! ON TEH FREEDEE?!?!?! tEM iz eXCItED yAyAyAYAYA!!!!!!

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    1. YES! Lol, I'm hoping to have a new chapter for both Song of the Soul and Time Forgot by Friday.

      Ooooooh, those AUs actually sound really cool! We need to like, exchange emails or something and talk about them cause I'd love to hear about it all and see the comics or something.

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      1. YAAAASSS!!!

        Really? XO Sure! Idk about my email doh. It's kinda fuzzy XDDD I can PM on Tumblr or somewhere else doh! I do have an ongoing comic for Erase ONE. If ya want I'll give ya info about it X3

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        1. Ey yeah, totally hit up my Tumblr! :D

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