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  1. Sorry, but Sherlock and Dean are the cutest!

    “It’s me, sunshine,” Dean said humourlessly. John was impressed with how steady and clear his eyes shone. “Have at it if you want.” He pointed at his cheekbone. “I know you can throw a punch. I promise I’ll bleed all over your antique carpet. Again. Remember the last time, with the Kodji and the pogo stick? It’ll be real blood, I promise you that. Can’t promise I won’t punch you back, though.” Dean paused, considering. “Or maybe that’s what you need.”
    Sherlock’s lips twitched like they did when five different smiles wanted to come out: a terrified one, an amused one, a fascinated one and a couple that John couldn’t even put a name to.

    “I like it,” Dean announced from the sofa, stroking the gown’s lapels. “I can have it for here. But mine back home is better. Sorry man, I gotta say it how it is.”
    “Oh please,” Sherlock told him, face all scrunched up. “Yours was heavy!”
    “You’re…heavy,” Dean muttered. John had to agree with Sam on the topic of his brother regularly winning the ‘lame comeback of the year’ award.

    Dean's lame comebacks give me life. <3

    Now I really, really want Dean, Sherlock and John to team up and kill Toni Bevell dead for good. I simply CAN'T stand that woman. And I'm so happy you had Sherlock point out that despite her droning on and on about how awesome she is, she's actually frightfully stupid.

    Thank you so much for sharing this lovely fic with us - if S12 inspires you to revisit the OGAM verse more often, that would definitely be a cause for cheer, no matter what happens on screen or not! ♥

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    1. I don't think I've ever replied to comments over a year later so this is a true case of 'better late than ever' - I am always so happy to hear the Epic Crossover and all it's branches has given you enjoyment! The dark side of IFIT has called on me to do my job at last but I have no doubt one day I'll add something to the Ghosts and Men universe again. Until then! *hugs*

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