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    Yeah, you've summed up my trepidation with being a Top pretty clearly—So Much Work, and SO MUCH RESPONSIBILITY! I personally love knowing that my Sir is going to be there to hurt the bad away, and don't quite fathom what he or D-types in general get out of it, but this is done in a way that makes me almost understand, if that makes sense. For someone who leans strongly to one side of the slash, you've done a really really great way of portraying the thought process of someone who leans the other way, and making that legible to other people who also lean away from the pov of the character. Again, I just have to give kudos for how well you've written this, I'm pretty sure I've gotten that 'you've already left kudos here' message at least twice (if you don't try, you never know. maybe /this/ time it'll let me double dip!).

    I feel like I could flail about this fic for days, I need more of my kinky friends to read fic so I can share it with them!

    (Also, this is like the tenth comment I've ever left ever on AO3. Congrats, you've managed to get the lurker to show signs of life!!)

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    1. Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier

      Thank you, I'm honored to be drawing your comments! :D

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