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  1. First of all, thank you, KaizenKitty!
    I liked particularly the description of the Kira poster (I was wondering what that might look like).
    God, but the bet!.. The horrible bet!.. I mean, if Light loses, this is going to be so disgusting. I can imagine him keeping his end of the bargain, but I don’t want to read about it. Hopefully it’ll be a tie. Let them both have perfect scores, again.
    What I can’t imagine is Light’s thought process. Why would he try to befriend L? Does Light want to destroy him, too? Or is this some sort of love at first tennis match? Hope to find out soon!

    Just FMY: is the whole story going to be L’s POV or are we going to get Light’s perspective as well?

    P.S. I’m still working on the translation. Turned out to be harder than I thought, but I’ll persevere :)

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    1. ^^ thank you QueenMargosha!

      Yeah, that's what I worried about too -- portraying their budding friendship realistically. *sweatdrops* guess I failed, oh well. :-) I'll try harder next time.

      Yes, this story will show both L and Light's viewpoint. :D Are you tired yet of L's paranoid pedantic POV?


      That's great! Thank you!

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      1. Actually, I enjoy the way you write L's POV very much, I can sympathize with him so much more than with the one in canon. I just wanted to read Light's POV on their budding relationship :)
        Please don't make Light wear one set of clothes for a month! I'd definitely chicken out of such a bet. It would make a dent in anyone's social life... Although technically they didn't specify when Light had to wear it, so he could wait till the holidays to do it. Some friends of mine made a bet in November (it's already cold here in November) that the first one won't swim naked in the river (and if he did, then the second one had to, too). And the first one actually did it (the idiot), and the second one said that since they didn't stipulate when he had to repeat his great act, he will do so in summer. The oldest trick in the book, really. Norse mythology in particular comes to mind...

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        1. XD that's a smart move -- delaying the swim!

          Part of why I decided to make them have a bet is to show their competitive spirit: these boys turn /everything/ into a competition. In that sense, L and Light are a lot alike.


          Thank you! Yes, I tried to make L more relatable by writing from his POV, and internalizing all his idiosyncrasies. Even though L is weird, he's still human. He still sleeps -- just keeps very irregular hours, and when he does sleep, it's for short amounts of time (light sleeper, hyper vigilant). -_-' He's so paranoid he's afraid of being killed in his sleep...

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          1. Which makes so much sense now considering where he's staying :) I'm pretty sure he could have pulled off the average joe's persona in a better accomodation.

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