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  1. Oh, what a treat! Each curio gets its own drabble, and song-fic! I love what you've done with the prompt. I always envision Nick taking time to revisit the memories evoked by each item, but sharing them and the memories with Natalie, in return for her cleaning them, shows in so many ways the depth of their relationship by the end of the second season. Each song selected fits each curio so very well, and I love your clever use of language, as well.

    My favorite line?

    ”Nothing to enforce, -er, ah, no tape inside,” he said blankly.

    Thanks for such a creative story!

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    1. Oh, thank *you*! I'm glad you liked it. I was a little worried, but then I always am, especially since this is so eclectic .
      It turned out to be fun; a great excuse to re-watch a lot of episodes closely, paying attention to *all* the little details in order to pick something.
      (Also, I always try to find a song or a line from one for whatever I write -- helps to focus, or add a little something anyway.)

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