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  1. Hey
    Look I don't want to cause trouble
    But you really need to put noncon in your tags
    This fic is almost entirely noncon. Really. It is.
    And thanks to you not properly tagging it my friend had a mental break down due to this reminding her of her previous relationships.
    I don't want to cause any trouble
    But please please please
    Tag this as noncon and put it as mature
    Because this fic is really fucked up and it fucked my friend up too.

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    1. first of all, i'm extremely sorry for your friend being triggered. that is genuinely unfortunate and i know no apology can make up for it.

      secondly, i do believe i have this story tagged appropriately. "Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings." it is my choice as a writer to not have noncon in the tags, as personally, i do not believe this to be noncon. dubcon?? yes, definitely. and i have it tagged as such.

      this articlethis article does a good job explaining my feelings on this genre of erotica. WARNING: she does mention rape and briefly explain her traumas in the past.

      i have put a disclaimer at the beginning of the story to warn people about the darkness of this fic. thank you for expressing your concern.

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      1. Whatever you say
        You only said that it got dark.
        That's about it.
        Either just want you to know that it's your fic and you can do want you want. But I still believe it needs to have warnings.

        I want to say a lot more about what I'm trying to tell you. But it's not in my power to tell you what my friend went through and Why I'm begging you to please tag it as noncon. Plus I don't see dubcon in the tags but I'm pretty blind so who knows
        I don't want something like this to happen to someone else ya know?
        It's better to tag it with warnings just to be safe. Please be considerate of that
        If you don't then fine but I would really appreciate it if you did

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