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  1. This is tennisandlife over on Tumblr :) I've also commented a few times of your other fic without logging in.
    You always manage to make it so real. You bring out the inevitability of their relationship in your fic. And I just LOVE the idea that Roger asked Rafa to marry him so unexpectedly, but it was in no way a rushed decision because they had been in love for a long time.
    Please tell me you're writing more! The Fedal doubles has been giving me major Fedal feels. Your fic is where I turn to.

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    1. the inevitability of their relationship - I love that! Yes, that's what I always feel about them. I'm so glad it comes through in the fic.

      I'm toying with writing more maybe in this this universe or something similar while I take a hiatus from the Long Fic. A married universe would be perfectly lovely. So much to get used to. A whole new way to be in love. :) ♥

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