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  1. Fuzzy Cthulhu

    I'm pouring my love on chapter 1 because I imagine most readers will leave their lauds on chapter 2.

    I love poor Margaret here. Even though it's pretty much a redshirt death, I still really felt it. Here she is, daughter of John's army buddy, young and excited to be traveling, getting a cool opportunity to stay in a friend's flat in London, somebody I can effortlessly identify with (and kind of wish to be because honestly, free digs in London for a month? At 221B?!)...and BANG. All gone, just like that. It really feels viscerally horrific and tragic.

    And you did such a beautiful job of communicating John's shock. There's a hollow feel to his thoughts after that point, like he's not quite all there.

    Airy is right, though. How DID you make those legs look like Sherlock's?

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    1. heart

      Oh, you're the sweetest.

      And you know those legs are Sherlock's because they're like six feet long, all on their own. (and you know he's wearing completely inappropriate shoes for a B&E, haha.)

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