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    snarky vaguely evil scientist lithuania
    vampire prussia and folklore/pseudo-science
    random mention of magic!belarus is bonus
    also I love the narration style xD

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    1. asdkjh THANKS SO MUCH!!! <3

      Lithuania it will turn out is not quite so evil, so much as he is of the opinion that science > everything else, often including manners, especially when it comes to Prussia. Unlike Poland, Prussia, and England, he's gonna be like. the ONE guy who's all "c'mon guys I just want to do some science could we maybe leave the emotions out of it"

      This Toris might have had emotions, once. But then he streaked them on a petri dish and they nearly didn't survive the incubator. He'll see if he can use PCR and will present the results at the next biomedical engineering conference, stay tuned for his article in Science!

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