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  1. Wow, really? :-) That's awesome! Thank you so much.

    Yes, the majority of L/Light fics either end in tears or are insanely cheesy, to the point I sometimes begin to miss the canon. I did like the gritty, dark vibe of the canon. If only it could have ended on a happy note. But there have been a few amazing Death Note fanfics -- like
    The Hinterland Doctrine, by Halfpromise.

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    1. Ok, then translate it I shall :) The poor sods who don't speak English should have access to this masterpiece. I mean, at least for now it feels like one, I don't know where you'll take the story...
      I've actually heard about The Hinterland Doctrine already, but I'm kind of apprehensive about reading it, because politics is not exactly my cup of tea. I couldn't even finish the first season of the House of Cards.

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