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  1. Oh, this was lovely! The details are wonderful and make it feel like it fits the world completely. Blue Beetle pajamas! Thomas looking ready for a photo shoot! And oh, the poor thing, it sucks to be a White Court vampire sometimes. ;) This is just the sort of interaction I love to see between them, and it was well done!

    The last line truly was the best, though. It made me squee with delight. Thank you, author, for such a wonderful Christmas present to wake up to, tied with a White (Court) bow! <333

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    1. disgruntled Thor, never got the hang of Thorsdays

      Yay, I'm so glad you enjoyed the brotherly interaction! I love them as brothers and I love them slashy, so I set out to write a slashier story; they just didn't want to do more - this time.

      Happy New Year! (I've heard I can still say that until the end of January. *cough* Sorry for the delay!)

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