Comment on Four Fragments of Jim

  1. I will admit that I have not read the 2 sections that do not apply to the boys yet. I was desperate to read all of their story first. I have had the legend and now I want my man - almost put me in tears. The only thing I would have liked was artwork of Detective Spock. I just kept putting different pictures of ZQ in my mind.

    It is wonderful and tightly written and the re-telling of the Narada story while using dialogue from the movie was inspired. I particularly liked the alternative characterization of T'Pring. Absolutely brilliant. Bones and Amanda!!! The use of the Rubik's Cube as an integral plot device!! I could go on and on.

    This story is so richly textured that it needs a second reading, not that it was unclear but that it is so lyrical and detailed. It will be my gift to myself to have that pleasure.

    thank you

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