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  1. This was a great first chapter! I loved how at first I guessed that Matt and Arthur were going to fall in love by mistake base on how everyone interacted, then I realized that they were already cheating, but thought that they felt guilty about it and were just trying to figure out a way to break the news gently, then I was completely taken by surprise to learn that it was all a dirty trick! The way you built up to that twist was just great! Also, you did a great job keeping the characters in characters despite such a cruel twist that normally wouldn't fit with Matt's personality... but because you have him doing this because he thinks Francis is a horrible person who has hurt many, it still sort of works. Stories where they have Canada crazy for no real reason just never seem to flow right, so kudos on managing that so well.

    I can't wait to see how their schemed plays out, how Francis reacts to being heart broken, and even more so, how Alfred will react to learning that his perfect 'little' brother could have such a secret mean streak.

    Thanks for posting, and I eagerly and hopefully wait for more. :)

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    1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for your comment!
      I have been a fan of your work for quite a while, so the fact that you've read this means a lot to me!

      I actually thought that there might not be enough build-up and that we'd revealed quite a lot quite early, but I'm pleased to learn that you're happy with the amount!

      As for the things you mentioned, you'll have the answers to some of those curiosities in the next chapter! Should be posted quite soon ^^

      You're so very welcome-- thank you once again for reading. We were both thrilled to see that someone had commented! ^^

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