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  1. This is so brilliant! The way you capture the linguistic analysis going on in Daniel's head is vivid and visceral. This is one of the few stories where we feel from the inside out why Daniel is a gifted linguist. I love his seamless combination of association and analysis that together is greater than the sum of its parts. I also love the way you suggest so much more in this story than you explicitly state - so that the reader undergoes a similar synthetic and associative process to Daniel in arriving at the meaning. Mirrors within mirrors, with the reader an active participant. Wow!

    ‘Daniel, are you even concentrating?’

    He shakes his head and looks up, the floppy brim of his hat a dark disk against the bright sky.

    ‘Er… yes, Jack.’

    I adore how you show both the way Daniel's "absent-mindedness" appears to his companions and also the high-level mental processes going on behind that befuddled facade. So funny and clever. Yes, he's distracted, Jack, because he's at that very moment figuring out an alien language with the force of his brain as well as the nature of his powerful feelings for his (unacknowledged) significant other!

    I really like the way Daniel represents this complex deciphering process to himself with the imagery of the stargate, spinning and locking into place, unit by unit. That's lovely. It adds yet another layer of mirroring and unity to the story as a whole.

    Finally, I absolutely loved the gentle but intense affection Jack and Daniel have for each other in this piece. Thank you so much for writing this.

    It is such a delight to see you posting your many stories here.

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