Comment on Evil’s Not the Point – Lindsey McDonald and Power in Angel Season 5

  1. ["But then Angel had Lindsey killed. It obviously had to be done by Lorne since Angel’s resources were stretched so thin and this was one thing Lorne (not much use in a straight fight) actually could do."]


    I am so disgusted by this comment. I'm disgusted. Angel and Lorne HAD NO RIGHT to deliberately murder Lindsey in that manner. If Lorne knew that Lindsey was a future threat, he and Angel should have waited to see if this vision might come true. Killing someone to prevent them from becoming a future threat - a "preemptive strike" - is nothing more than an excuse for cold-blooded murder. Angel and Lorne had no real excuse. And I'm disgusted that certain fans like you believe otherwise. Why do people need the flimsiest excuse to indulge in violence . . . or approve of it.

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