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  1. UM THANK YOU. When I found this fic, I seriously said out loud, "THE INTERNET IS GREAT." I was literally just thinking about writing a desperate!Sherlock Johnlock fic having to do with getting too wrapped up in an experiment or case, and then I found this. :D

    I also strongly encourage you to write more. My particular plot bunny that I would love for you to steal is the following: Sherlock being genuinely so wrapped up in a case that he forgets about his body's functions. Desperation ensues, and he does piss himself accidentally. John is secretly extremely aroused but attempting to hide it (partially out of his own embarrassment, partially to avoid humiliating Sherlock further), yet Sherlock notices, of course. Because he's Sherlock. Then porn. /prompt of encouragement

    You're awesome!

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    1. By bloomyicons on LiveJournal

      LOL now that doesn't sound like a half bad idea! I'll have to think on it. ;D Thank you so much!

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