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  1. Die Walkure

    This was a lovely long fic. I really liked the premise of Sam writing letters to Cas and reading them aloud - that as a story by itself would have been fascinating. And then you had Castiel returning from hell and the journey through forgiveness and grief that Dean and Sam had to go through, and that was so big and complicated and wonderful. AND THEN there was this oddly romantic, needy, confusing, wonderful Sassy relationship. I got really absorbed in how Sam was putting Cas in parallel to Jess, and Sam's awareness that he was using Cas as a happy pill, and Cas just being clam and constant and pushing when Sam was ready to be pushed. I love it when relationships are complicated XD

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    1. <3 ;_; I'm so happy with this comment. Can I give it an award?

      I'm thrilled that you picked up on all of the main elements and enjoyed them. I couldn't have asked for a better reader if I tried. Thank you so much for understanding the road I brought you down, and I appreciate this comment very much too.


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