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  1. Oh wow, you posted this and I nearly missed it. It's lovely and so well-cadenced. I particularly like "March":"As Sherlock insults, spits, and gesticulates wildly, she carefully focuses her thoughts on the budding leaves, the pale spring sun, and breakfast in the garden." Damn, that's a fine sentence. (And of course Sherlock finds the soul of the city wanting!)

    I am also very fond of the way she becomes an outsider, just as the Holmes' are...and how she realizes why Mycroft hides his eyes. I think I'm going to have more to say later. ( :

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    1. Thanks for reading! I'm glad you liked it. :)

      "March" is my favourite too. I do like Sherlock - but before going off drugs and meeting John, I imagine he must have been positively horrifying to encounter.

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      1. Yes, I loved it, actually. It's so measured --and the female energy/consciousness in it is perfect. (Mycroft would expect no less. ( :) The energy/consciousness in works in the Sherlock-verse is so predominantly male (not that that doesn't make sense, or that I'm complaining!) that reading beautiful female-centric fic like yours is that much more of a treat.

        I like that you give us your character not on the cusp of losing her innocence (because she's already earned a great many favours before she works for Mycroft) but still on the cusp of...something else. Could there be another chapter, or more chapters?

        Oh, and Sherlock: A nightmare when fully immersed in addiction and without a grounding influence, no doubt. ( :

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        1. I've been thinking of doing a 2011 chapter, because - as you say - it feels like she's on the brink of a change at the end. Not sure where it could go though, since there'd be much more canon to incorporate.

          And there's definitely not enough female-centric fics in the fandom (not that the Sherlock fandom is unique in that regard) which is a shame because there are a lot of female characters with potential: two that really needs to be explored more are Sally Donovan and Mrs Hudson.

          I love the Holmes-Watson dynamic as much as anyone (it's at the heart of any Holmes related fandom - and it should be), but the opportunity to flesh out of minor characters is one of my favourites aspects of fanfiction.

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          1. Yeah, you would have to wrestle with a good deal of canon in a future chapter, but I'd still like to see it. ( :

            On female-centric fic: Molly seems to have got more love since TRF (rightfully so, Proactive!Molly.) But right, what about Sally D. and Mrs. H? I've seen some sympathetic Sally scenes and stories, but not much with the Hudson-fic. Care to tackle that challenge if you're done with Not!Anthea for now? ( :

            Ah, I know, Holmes-Watson dynamic; I fell for it when I was 13,like so many in the fandom...

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