Comment on John Watson's 12 Things Happy People Do

  1. I'm very much enjoying this story! I've had enough angst for a while, and the humor is just dark enough and absolutely fitting. Of course people would be alarmed at John's thanks, his optimism is more than a little twisted, and everything with Molly just goes wrong for reasons John can't understand! All the characters seem right (and that I think that despite not slashing Mycroft and Lestrade one whit speaks to your effectiveness as a writer!).

    My favorite bit:
    “I’m being happy,” John informed him, resolutely.
    “Clearly,” agreed Lestrade.

    I can imagine both their faces and their voices vividly!

    Posted Wed 15 Feb 2012 03:55PM EST

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    1. I think John is reaching the point in his grief where he's trying actively to move past it, and I think that requires him to acknowledge the little moments of humor in his life, you know? So I tried to put them in here. (And I'm glad you like my Mycroft and Lestrade, they kind of slashed themselves together against my own plans for them.)

      Posted Fri 17 Feb 2012 09:03PM EST

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