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  1. Isn't it the most breathtaking pic? My bestie is so dang talented!

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    1. I saw this.
      The therapy was too late for my cousin who passed away last month after fighting 20 years. She was a cancer commando & was not going to let it win. She got to see her kids through college, be engaged at least, be happy and grow old with her husband.
      Oncolytic virotherapy
      Oncolytic viruses
      Googles - Kill cancer with viruses

      Research was heavy in how to viruses as vehicles to kill various things about 100 years, but then antibiotics were discovered which caused the research to be abandoned.

      Sidenote and also interesting - plain dirt of decent composition is generally antibacterial. So "rub some dirt on it" does something. It's hard to figure out what is happening and how, because they cannot replicate the environment in a laboratory setting.

      So much undiscovered still.... earth, ocean, mountains, ice, and jungles.

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