Comment on Four Fragments of Jim

  1. I just spent the day reading this entire series. I'd heard people refer to it, and they would extol it's virtues. I am just ashamed that it took me this long to read such a wonderful work. This is so well thought out and a beautiful Alternative to a universe we know so well. It can almost seem blasphemous for Jim to be anything other than a space-faring captain, but the way you set this up makes so much sense. I love the resolution of all the stories here, and I really appreciated the flashbacks to sarek and amanda, and to winnona and george (that flashback was AMAZING). I love that characters i used to look at with disdain get to win our love and respect, Stonn via his selfless sacrifice, T'Pring and her indomitable spirit, and Sybok and his total humanity, and the re- routing of his natural empathy into something wonderful. i loved this story, loved the originality of the pairings, I loved the slow burn of how they got together, I love spock as a detective. This story is AMAZING.

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