Comment on Empty Graves

  1. I just found this story and I love it! Your Martha Kent is amazing, I had never thought of what it must have been like from Clark's parent's point of view to raise an alien baby that they knew exactly nothing about. You're completely right, it must have been terrifying not knowing whether or not your planet itself would kill your kid, or who all might someday come after him. It was very bittersweet sometimes though, that the Kents couldn't keep their memories. Clark will never know everything they've sacrificed just to raise him properly. It must have been a shock for older Clark to see what lengths his parents were willing to go to in order to protect him (on top of the unrepentant cussing). I love how Bruce was being such a troll, that was totally something he would do to mess with Clark. Thanks for writing such a fantastic story, you're amazing!


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