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  1. Dear author, all my apologies for being so late with my comment. I had to have time to marshal my thoughts and talk about damn happy this fic makes me! First of all, before I get into the minutiae of what I enjoyed so much about it, I just want to say that I adore how Hilary focused this is. There's Alec, Sandy, Julian, even Elaine a little bit hovering around the edges, but it is so solidly focused on Hilary and that is one of my very favourite things, since she is my favourite. It explores her so intensely that it almost feels like a book in itself. Secondly, it's so Renault. Scarily so - there's exactly her turn of phrase in so much of it, the ones in particular that leapt at me in that regard were I think that every Flight Lieutenant has in him a little of Mr. Toad, don't you? and worrying oneself into an early grave. Unanticipated by one's own attending physician, no doubt. there's this asperity to Hilary's inner voice that rings just right, and is absolutely spot on.

    Along with that sense of Hilary, your dialogue is so super sharp and neat, not a word wasted, all of it quite specifically tailored to the circumstances - "Thanks," said Hilary. "My relationship with this pen has always been rather dysfunctional." and
    "Mother wants me to come and visit her," he said, a helplessly strangulated tone.
    Bouncing off that is that the whole story feels so well put together. Nothing is wasted, and you peel back the curious layers of Hilary with such an expert hand. I also adore the tiny little hints thrown in of other people around her - Hilary wishing that Lisa was there to welcome her home, and I think a rather cheeky little reference to Ralph Lanyon when Julian is aggrieved at having been hit on by a man, and Hilary remarks
    "Worse things happen at sea," .
    yes, like Ralph Lanyon!

    Also adoring how you hang a lampshade on the novel in several ways Please God, she thought, let it not be another cave. It's all the evening needs., and carefully picking apart some of the assumptions and exploring some of the ending. Nothing is entirely fixed, Hilary is still convinced that Julian will leave but you're so careful with how it's evident that nothing in Julian's behaviour that indicates that, just Hilary's own self. And finally, amongst all the other things, I love and ship like blazes Hilary/her work. There's a genuine exploration and joy of this super important part of her that the novel neglected, and I like how much it genuinely means to her, how things like her house and even Julian a little bit come secondary to that fulfilment that she's beginning to find all over again in it. She's fully rounded and very intensely the main character and the person who matters and I love it. Thanks for such an amazing fic!

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    1. Dear recipient, thank you for a lovely comment that was well worth waiting for. Hilary's career very much crept into this one but I am so pleased that her love and commitment managed to come across. Hilary is awesome and she deserves all the fic, especially because she sort of took over my writing style.

      Picking apart the novel was, of course, very motivating, and I did get in a few cheeky jabs. It was fascinating to try to explore how Hilary's relationship with Julian would develop after the beginning of the war: I do think that he is so important to her in the novel because her career is at such a low ebb and not nearly as challenging as she needs. Julian v. General Surgery is a far more difficult choice, though here's hoping she'll manage to keep both of them on the go at once. :)

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