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  1. My only complaint about this story is that I wish I had written it myself. It is so right, so true to the book, and was such a joy to read. You obviously have done your research and in particular know your medicine inside out. It really shows in the story and was, I think, necessary to do Hilary justice as a character. I love her quiet competence and the clear picture you've given of her matter-of-fact, steadfast professionalism. Yay Hilary!

    So too the small glimpses of Hilary/Julian. That passage where Julian demands an instant marriage was 100% pure Renault, with its wry humour and anticlimactic twist, and perfectly in character for both of them. I adore it. Also the encounter with David, in particular "his tone implied that convention from Hilary was unexpected."

    I was intrigued by the hint of Hilary/Sam. There is definitely a dynamic there, one can't deny it, and Hilary's attraction to Julian makes a lot of sense when one thinks of him as a substitute nephew (just as Hilary is, for him, a substitute mother). But I do wonder whether both of them would be conscious of the fact that taking their relationship from subtext to text, as it were, would be incest according to canon law and UK marriage law?

    Once again this is a brilliant story which I expect to re-read many times. I don't know how you packed so much incident into such a short space--if you'd asked me the length from memory I would have said it was at least 10k!

    Bravo, a job well done.

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