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  1. u'll take my hardcore smut and u'll like it (ง'̀-'́)ง

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    1. lol I don't want the smut gone. That shit good.

      But I'd love something sweeter too.

      Now don't be mistaken. I'm well aware this is a dark Underfell fic. And Underfell isn't a nice place.
      But I just feel like Sans and Reader deserve *something* nice, you know? Just a lil sumthin sumthin~

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      1. oh they'll get... something! maybe a date coming up. a walk through the echo flowers. maybe some nice food. they do have the entirety of the underground to go through before they reach the barrier.

        i'm TRYING to keep this shit evenly paced >_> these past super heavy chapters have just. been what happened. i dont really. plan everything out chapter by chapter. i just end one and start the next.

        i will do my best, dear reader. i will not disappoint~

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        1. Thanks MK, you're a peach~

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