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  1. I'm pretty sure I remember reading this on Freedom City, because the tone and the feel of it has definitely stayed with me--Vila watching Avon watching Blake, for the whole story but especially here:

    Then, as I sleepily blink and keep watching, he moves closer, just a little, just a step. He reaches out, one finger only, and almost touches the scar on Blake's face; traces the length of it without actually touching the skin, to Blake's ruined eye, then down again to the mouth. Pauses a minute there, then slowly, almost carefully, he brushes the back of a finger against Blake's lips, holds it there as if feeling him breathing. And his face doesn't change, and I can't see his eyes.

    Which is about the saddest and most yearning moment I've seen. Also love Vila's exasperated statement that sums up so many people's reactions to Blake: If shooting Blake was going to hurt him so much, why the hell did he have to do it? I love that there are no answers here and that it doesn't matter to the people involved.

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    1. Thanks :) Yes, I originally wrote and posted it over 5 days on Freedom Cuty...

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