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  1. I don't... It's not so much bringing up good points as it is applying common sense and reality to a fair chunk of the most common tropes.

    I will say this once and only once and then I will never do this again.

    This trope? This one right here, where the goal is to become suddenly more beautiful and get the object of your heart's desire? It's garbage. It is literary drivel at its finest that speaks of an unhealthy amount of insecurity in the author. It's saying that the only way to get what you want in life is to be pretty. And that is bullshit.

    Yes, being pretty helps. But not. In. Dragon. Age.

    Do you know why I'm writing this instead of hoarding all my research like a grumpy little bird?

    Because I keep getting asked to. On specific topics.

    The fair majority of the tropes I get asked about are literally lazy plot devices, poor mental stability, overinflated self-worth or overly insecure self-worth, unsound logic, or a host of other issues. And these are the tropes that people have been using to write this subgenre of fic since Dragon Age: Origins.

    They have got to stop. Especially in my side of the hypothetical trash bin of self-inserts. Because no one needs to seriously think the only way they can be loved is to change their entire face and who they are inside and out.

    Using a trope without actually thinking about it is lazy and uninspired. It's our job as writers to take the thing, make it ours, and make it fun for everybody involved. These tropes the way the current standard is? Are literally making every fic with the exception of the few shining stars into a travesty. I like this subgenre. It's good for the brain. But why in the name of all that is holy does everyone keep tossing basic concepts out the window?

    If I come across as patronizing, I literally do not care.

    I am not amazing because I am doing this. I am not a delight. I am a pissed off and drunk little bird who was minding her own business in her corner before people started a giant conversation about realism and dragged her in.

    So, tone will change pending on which topic it is. I'm not writing a research paper. I'm literally summarizing a decade of research and knowledge, putting in relevent links and quotes, and providing my extrapolated conclusions.

    If I come off as bitchy or patronizing, that's because I am.

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    1. I don't disagree with you. These are the same trends I've seen over the last 10+ years, too, and they really are frustrating. I really just thought maybe you hadn't intended on the tone, and I only commented about it because I was sorta under the impression (wrongly maybe) that this was supposed to be a guide for writers a little unfamiliar or new to the trope. And I just thought about my fourteen-year-old self reading this, and I knew it would have made me just stop writing in this trope completely. Maybe it's just me being oversensitive. I just thought you might not have realized how it might come off to younger or more inexperienced writers.

      I see that I really pissed you off, and yeah, I was blunt to the point of maybe being rude but I really didn't mean to start anything. I didn't realize you'd been asked to do this, and maybe I'm just not in the loop when it comes to this conversation. You obviously have a great handle on this trope, and it's great of you to share your knowledge of it.

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