Comment on Comparing and Contrasting the Worlds of Thedas and 21st Century Earth

  1. Right on spot again for the most part, loving the laughs I get from this. Have to say one other that may not be a bad as but does have some dealings with blood and death and possibly violent wounded would be the wonderful doctors and nurses of a trauma unit.

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    1. OK... I'm just. Going to explain a thing.

      Trauma center doctors and nurses, while wonderful people, are not really badasses. They are saints and lifesavers, but they are not badasses.

      Their first instinct when encountering a high-stress volatile situation is going to be triage. Otherwise known as 'who do I help first' rated on a scale of 'cannot be helped at all', 'needs immediate attention', and 'can wait a bit'. They are not, even as a combat medic, trained to put themselves in danger. The first rule of any kind of field medicine is that you can help exactly no one if you get incapacitated as well. Their training, while extensive and sweet lord are medical professionals my kind of people, does not cover the kind of situations encountered in a medieval society.

      Most medical professionals work under the auspices of the Hippocratic Oath. One of that oath's paraphrased tenets is 'do no harm'.

      They may be wonderful people, and I rather honestly consider them badasses because they literally hold life and death in their hands, but they are not badasses for this purpose.

      I do not know why, and I wish people would stop this, but the trope convention for Being A Badass involves the capacity to replicate Rambo.

      They were left off the list for a reason.

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    2. AO3 logo with text "orphan account"

      As Allu said, the situations that doctors and nurses in a trauma unit deal with on a daily basis would be very different from the ones encountered in Thedas. Majority of those who work in a trauma unit aren't going to be used to a war zone. Add in magic and darkspawn, and they're going to be confronted with a whole different set of circumstances that they're not going to be used to.

      Plus, there's also that, to many in Thedas, a lot of modern medicine could be construed as being, well, classed as blood magic. Surgery? Thedas doesn't have that. There's no such thing in Thedas as the scientific process. No one in Thedas is going about cutting bodies open to figure out what goes where and how things function. That's a very quick way to getting your ass hauled up to some templars and getting branded a maleficar. Remember that surgeon in Skyhold talking about the humours? To Thedas, that shit is revolutionary. To us? It's a load of horse shit. But for Thedosians, modern medicine is likely to more resemble blood magic than it is science.

      Modern medicine in our world is built on people doing illegal ass shit that was, at the time, considered immoral and went against God. Our ideas and knowledge of anatomy and the human body come to us from people who straight up robbed graves and desecrated corpses, all in the pursuit of figuring out how the body actually works. Thedas? Doesn't have that. Cause you do that, you're gonna end up on the wrong end of a templar's blade, for one, and secondly, as demonstrated by the events in Redcliffe and also in Inquisition, the only way to guarantee that a corpse isn't going to get up and bite your face off is to burn it. The vast majority of Thedas burns their dead to prevent this from happening.

      So, doctors and nurses who work in a trauma unit may be used to seeing it, they're used to seeing it in a purely modern context – likely in a hospital setting. They're not going to be used to a frontline war zone, combined with fantastical creatures and magic being thrown about. Plus, the very real likelihood that a dead body will just up and try and eat them. So... they might be used to it, but they're not going to be a bad-ass. They may be able to compartmentalize their situation, but that's not going to help them to necessarily stay alive.

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