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  1. ahaahaahahahahahahaha help

    i found a way to play clicker heroes and i saw a bunch of good stuff and like
    i just see bobby and natalia and i actually looked for it like just now and i came across this and i was like
    oh well

    so anyways are ya gonna make anything else like this but with diff heroes?

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    1. Dazai Osamu from Bungou to Alchemist.

      probably not, it's been a while since i played

      thank you for reading!

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      1. of course! i cant wait to see more of your other works

        im actually in the middle of reading your fate/grand order works
        they seem interesting, i like them

        i'll see you around ao3

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        1. i have been wanting to write for a while.. but i kept giving up

          i DO have a weird fanfiction about encounters (roblox)

          its not finished, but i need a pretty good author. i've been looking around and most of the ones i found were busy, so i was actually wondering if you could help me write this?

          you dont have to, but i would appreciate it a lot if you did get involved with my first work here lol

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