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  1. This is brilliant! Absolutely adorable and perfect and just...Thank you! It was just sooooo realistic. I believed that Steve's scrawny ass was getting pushed to the limit and I could see the hearts in Bucky's eyes. I have actual thoughts and shit, but dude...GUH. Exactly what I had hoped for, only way better.

    We apparently need to head canon more often. lol.

    Also...I'd be thinner if Bucky was my trainer. Wonder if Sebastian would do it for a good cause?

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    1. You're so, so welcome bb - I'm glad that you loved it <3 <3 <3

      Dude, the hearts in Bucky's eyes were SO BAD, Steve was in denial all along, if he'd have been paying attention it would have been even worse - I'll definitely be doing his side of the story someday, just because the pining that was going on on both sides was ridiculous. And like I said, I also have an embarrassingly sappy story now for how their proposal went down, so... yeah. They'll be back.

      I would be a fucking Olympic athlete if Bucky was my trainer - alas ;)

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