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  1. And he's vegan?!? I can't believe you are unpacking the rice crackers and dried fruit again!!! (Out of curiosity: is this your personal conviction or are you making fun of all the brandnew vegans out there? I'm mostly vegan and at the same time amusing myself about those who use it as an ersatz religion fervently for two years before changing their beliefs again.) I really love this in your fics. The carob rice cracker destroying Clive's DVD player still stays with me.

    Risley, get your greedy fingers off Alec!! Don't you dare!

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    1. Hi, I'm not vegan, but I have a lot of respect for people who observe this lifestyle. My Frisian roots dictate that I fill my spiritual life with black tea, shrimp, raw herrings and Blutwurst, but I like experimenting with vegetarian recipes as well. In the story, I just wanted to stress Clive's awkwardness at having to feed a guest who eats no animal products.
      You will see how Risley is a man of double standards: no creature should die for his convenience, and yet he drives a vehicle that uses well over 10/100 and needs Super 98 to keep its engine fit.

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