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  1. "Filthy Shades of Durham" - how can you even think of stuff like this?! How wonderful Clive switched the pianos. You know, I'd treasure a Steinway much more than any fancy cars in the driveway. Wonderful to see that Maurice appreciates both. And gets both. Plus Clive on top (no pun - I mean Clive's love.)
    Oh, and thanks so much for working in our beloved "Twice"! Even if I was a bit disturbed to see Risley making an appearance. You spare us nothing, don't you?

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    1. No, I don't spare myself anything either. I watched Maurice dubbed in French the other day. Scheiße...the three men address one another with 'vous' until the very last. Clive is voiced by a guy who sounds like a Parisian taxi driver and the biggest turn-off was Alec growling 'Vous etes fou?' at Maurice. I'd rather have watched a Kölsch / Ruhrpott version if there had been one. 'Alter, haste einen anne Waffel oder wat?'
      I was so disappointed that I suddenly took a liking to poor Risley and I wanted him to have a better life than in the film.

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      1. The piano was introduced for a reason. I keep an unpublished Maurice fic in Dutch where he actually plays this:
        I couldn't use this masterpiece in this here fic because a man who is worn out after a night of love and due to drive to Oxford (70 kms) and who is out of practice can't be expected to play this straight away, especially if his lover is a techno fan...

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