Comment on Empty Halls

  1. Yeah, I used to watch that show when it was first aired on Sunday morning and never knew where it actually ended until I found it on and watched it in its entirety!! Now aside from being a professional freelance artist, graphic artist and photographer I've always wanted to be a writer and have a few original ideas and some that inspired me!!! I often used to think that why they didn't start Galtar at a younger age and seeing what made him, him and his vendetta grow against Tormack, I would've changed the spelling on the name to Tormakk until we see him finally meet up with Princess Goleeta and then finally, Zorn!!! With what you wrote, it shows difficult it is for her and trying and hoping to get her kingdom back together!!! I'd love to throw out an idea for you, have Zorn become king and Goleeta and Galtar ride off and liberate other besieged people!!! It would give it open possibilities and more adventures along the way and possibly, their friendship would lead to a romance between the two of them and have a kingdom of their very own!!! Keep on writing and I'll be here to read it!!!!

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