Comment on Drawing Lines in the Sand

  1. I'd like to do a sequel to this story
    Please, do it. :D I would even write an "answering" fanfic in that case. :) Not one where he becomes Richard's Chosen of course, but maybe one from Richard's POV. Or maybe Cinder's POV... or some unnamed Dark Mages who meets Verus and thinks "ohshit".

    Anna sees herself as a bad person, and Alex has a crush on her. The funny thing is, she is a truly good person compared to Verus. He can't see her as bad, because what would he be then? (still not bad) They both are capable of very, very horrible things, while being capable of seeing the consequences of their choices in excrutiating detail even while they are acting. They both can't say "It was a reflex". If they kill, they do it because they chose to do it.

    Sonder... sigh. I think he will ally himself with some faction when he returns.

    Always. The fanfic made my months. :D

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