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  1. This:

    Scott takes the piece from him instead, quick fingers and the greying rag running over the joint. Tony doesn't let people touch the insides of the suit – he's becoming a paranoid freak but at least he's got reasons – except Scott has his lips pulled tight in concentration and it's weirdly like intimate. He's so used to those metal plates being his arm.

    The part where you just made my mind perk up and take notice. It's always the pyschological component that makes things hottest. And then you carried the psychological over into the tangible, and that was even better:

    Scott's fingers smooth over the slide of metal parts and now it's moving easily. Tony wants those hands on him.


    He works at the edge of the Arc casing through the white cotton, like he wants to know how that works too.

    I love a good Tony POV. It's just so fun:

    Gasping for air, tainted as it is with the smell of exhaust and grease and the tang of metal. He couldn't have planned this better if he'd written the script.

    And... perfect last line.

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